The varieties of honey depend upon the flower and the location from where the honey is being extracted. India has been acclaimed, all over the world, for its varied weather patterns and different landscapes. These varying weather patterns and landscapes aid the hosting of different flora, eventually leading to the breeding of many varieties of honey. Due to such favourable natural factors, one can find different forms and types of honey in the country.

           These differing forms of honey, generally, differ in their aroma, taste as well as some special characteristics which each one of them possesses. 

Specifications of Honey

Square Glass Bottles

One of the classiest looking containers, such square glass bottles have more to them than just looks. They can be stocked as well as transported with ease. Kejriwal Honey provides top notch honey in such square glass bottles, with their weights ranging from 50 to 1000 grams..

WEIGHT (grams) Unit Pack per case
250 24
500 12
1000 6

Round Glass Bottles

Round glass bottles, on the other hand, have smaller bottles of 28 grams available. The maximum size of the bottle goes up to 500 grams. The units packed per case in each category are 200 and 12 respectively.

WEIGHT (grams) Unit Pack per case
28 200
150 40
200 30
250 24
275 24
400 15
500 12

Bottle Packing Type & Shapes

We pack Indian honey in various packs and sizes in glass and PET bottles. We can supply honey packed in our own internationally recognized brands as well as other private labels.

Payment Terms

30% Advance and 70% against scan copy of documents.


Prompt delivery