The chickpea (Cicer arietinum) is a rich source of protein and is commonly known as ‘chana’ in Hindi. India take pride in being the world’s largest producer of chickpeas. They require an annual rainfall of 400 mm or more and grow in areas with tropical climate. In India they grow during the months of September – November and considered as Rabi crops. Chickpeas have extensive nutritional value as contain all vital vitamins.
Chickpeas are highly nutritious and come in two variants: Desi and Kabuli.
Desi chickpeas are smaller than Kabuli chickpeas, are dark brown and have a thicker seed coat and are more popular in Asian countries.
Kabuli chickpeas have a whitish-cream color, a thinner seed coat and are used in soups and salads or ground for flour.
India produces 70% of the world’s chickpeas. Desi type chickpeas largely dominate the ratio of production in India.
Major importers of Indian chickpeas are Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Syria and the United States. Countries in the Asian continent are the major importer of Desi type chickpea and the remaining countries import Kabuli type chickpea.

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